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Some secrets Auscorp IT can tell you about printers:

  • The cheapest printer is not always the best: Cheap printers often use more ink which means buying replacement cartridges often. If you do a lot of printing in your business, this is expensive.
  • The most expensive printer may not be the most viable: If the usage is well below the printer’s functionality and capacity, you may not receive a timely return on investment for your financial outlay.
  • Printing costs affect the bottom line of your business – Auscorp IT saved a customer $13,000 (in toner costs) per annum by swapping them to a more cost-efficient printer which only cost $1,600.
  • Weigh up the cost of the printer and the cost and capacity of the toners it uses against your current and future business usage and needs. Some printer cartridges increase in cost as the printer model is superseded.