IT Software and Licencing

Auscorp IT can assist you with IT software purchase, licencing and renewal for business use, data security and specialised software needs.  Many clients who purchase IT hardware from us, also engage us to supply their software and manage ongoing renewal of their software licences.  We supply the most current software versions.

Auscorp IT provides the following IT software services:

Supply leading brands of software

including Apple, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Anti-Virus products.

Specialised Software

We can source specialised software for your unique business needs such as remote support software and classroom management software.

Apple Software

As an Apple Authorised Reseller, Auscorp IT can supply your business with the latest Apple software for your Apple laptops, computers and iPads.

Purchase of Volume Licencing

Volume licencing lets your business purchase software licenses at reduced cost over retail. For example, organisations with five or more desktop PCs, can buy Microsoft licensed products through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs.

Annual Renewals

Many software licences incur annual renewal and costs. Auscorp IT will prompt and manage the renewal process for you.

Special Licencing Programs

Organisations such as charities and schools often qualify for reduced-cost purchase of Volume Licences. We can assist your organisation with purchase.

Software Installation

If you purchase software from us and do not have a dedicated IT service for installation, Auscorp IT will be able to assist through our IT networks.

Software Compliance

A software license permits your business to use a licensed product under specific terms and conditions such as intended use, length of usage, warranty and costs to use it. Auscorp IT can assist you to remain compliant from software Acquisition to Renewal.