More Savings and Efficiency for your Business

  • Do you want to reduce your print, copy and fax costs?
  • Are you spending too much on toner cartridges?
  • Would you like to minimise print wastage?
  • Would you like to increase the efficiency of your print environment (less disruption and downtime)?
  • Are there too many printers of unknown age, condition and efficiency in your office?
  • Are you concerned about environmental impact?
If you answered “Yes” to any one or more of the above, we recommend a Printer Audit.

Printer Audits in the Perth Metro Area

You can book your FREE Printer Audit with Auscorp IT here or call us to arrange an appointment. We will then come out to your business premises and do an analysis of your existing equipment, printer running costs, print environment and printing needs in accordance with your Business Plan.

After the Audit, Auscorp IT will provide you with a written report detailing how you can save money, streamline printer operations, increase productivity and manage environmental impact.  Our recommendations may include purchase of new equipment, settings changes, rationalisation of devices and a performance-enhancing mix of print hardware and software solutions.

For businesses with a small print environment, we offer a simpler Print Audit which we may be able to do over the phone and email. If your business is not in the Perth Metro area, we can also do a remote Printer Audit.

Few businesses know their actual spend on print, copy and faxes and the impact it has on their bottom line. As a supporter of Small Business, Auscorp IT knows how essential this information is for SMEs and their financial health and efficiency. For this reason, Auscorp IT offers FREE Printer Audits in the Perth Metro area.  Our Print Audits are designed to give you clarity and peace of mind and enhance your business operation.

Service Planning and Upgrades

Are you planning an upgrade of your existing IT equipment? Perhaps your business demands have increased and you need to scale up your existing IT hardware with increased memory, performance, graphics and more equipment. Or you may want to scale down and rationalise your IT equipment whilst maintaining optimal performance. Either way, Auscorp IT can assist.

We will come to your business premises and do an Assessment of your IT hardware and software needs. We can work with your IT Department or directly with business staff.  We will ensure you get the maximum Return on Investment in terms of hardware selection and savings, volume software licencing discounts, equipment performance and maintenance, and personal ongoing service.

Our product expertise, purchasing power and industry connections allow us to negotiate effectively with major IT brands to offer you cost-effective solutions and terms which boost business sustainability and efficiency.

Contact us to book a Free Service Planning Assessment or IT Equipment Upgrade in Perth, WA. We are based in Malaga, Perth and offer this service within the Perth Metro area.

Bid Pricing

If your business is intending to make a volume purchase of IT hardware such as laptops, desktop computers tablets and printers, contact us for Bid Pricing. Auscorp IT will negotiate with our suppliers to give you the best “Offer of the Day” including favourable terms, savings and product quality.

A Bid Price is available for a limited time only and you would need to purchase the equipment in the near-term to take advantage of the special offer. Our expertise, industry connections and purchasing capacity make us confident and influential negotiators for your business.

If you are interested in Bid Pricing, give us the details of your intended volume purchase here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Loan Printers

Auscorp IT understands that printing is an integral part of business and that productivity is affected when your printer is not working efficiently or not at all.

We offer a printer repair callout service to new and existing customers. If we need to take your printer off-site for repairs, we can give you a loan printer to use in the meantime at no extra cost so that your business can continue operating efficiently.

Strategic Partnerships

Auscorp IT’s business is founded on long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers based on trust, reliability, professional excellence and product expertise. Every service we provide is done so with an ongoing relationship in mind. We value our clients and suppliers and our intention is to remain useful and responsive to their long-term needs and business goals. We are based in Perth and local to the majority of our clients and we are directly accessible by phone or email. We have been in business for over 17 years and our core staff remain unchanged.

Our Strategic Partners are:


Our Clients

Our clients are typically SMEs, Schools, Government and Charitable organisations and some Individual clients.


IT Manufacturers and Suppliers

Auscorp IT has long-established partnerships with Australia’s leading IT manufacturers and suppliers for product sales and warranty repairs of their brands.


Insurance Companies

Auscorp IT is contracted to and has ongoing partnerships with major Insurance Companies for Insurance Assessment Reporting and Repairs on IT hardware and mobile phones.


Insurance Repairs

Auscorp IT enjoys a good reputation with many Insurance Companies making us a recommended centre for Insurance Assessment Reporting and Insurance Repairs on the IT hardware (including desktops, laptops, tablets) and mobile phones of Policy Holders. Since 2008 we have been working professionally with Insurance Companies and their Policy Holders to manage claims and repairs to mutual satisfaction. We keep all parties timely informed of the process of a claim.
We continue to work with Insurance Companies with whom we have an established service history, and also welcome new enquiries and partnerships.
Reviews from Policy Holders passed on to us through Insurance Companies are always inspiring and we provide the best service to enhance the relationship of all parties.
Auscorp IT is also able to provide an Equipment Replacement Quote to any Insurance Policy Holder as required by their Insurance Company.