Do you want to reduce your print, copy and fax costs?

Are you spending too much on toner cartridges?

Would you like to minimise print wastage?

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your print environment (less disruption and downtime)?

Are there too many printers of unknown age, condition and efficiency in your office?

Are you concerned about environmental impact?


If you answered “Yes” to any one or more of the above, we recommend a Printer Audit.


Printer Audits in the Perth Metro Area


You can book your FREE Printer Audit with Auscorp IT here or call us to arrange an appointment. We will then come out to your business premises and do an analysis of your existing equipment, printer running costs, print environment and printing needs in accordance with your Business Plan. (Note: link underlined text to booking form for Printer Audit).

After the Audit, Auscorp IT will provide you with a written report detailing how you can save money, streamline printer operations, increase productivity and manage environmental impact.  Our recommendations may include purchase of new equipment, settings changes, rationalisation of devices and a performance-enhancing mix of print hardware and software solutions.


For businesses with a small print environment, we offer a simpler Print Audit which we may be able to do over the phone and email. If your business is not in the Perth Metro area, we can also do a remote Printer Audit.


Few businesses know their actual spend on print, copy and faxes and the impact it has on their bottom line. As a supporter of Small Business, Auscorp IT knows how essential this information is for SMEs and their financial health and efficiency. For this reason, Auscorp IT offers FREE Printer Audits in the Perth Metro area.  Our Print Audits are designed to give you clarity and peace of mind and enhance your business operation.

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