Parag Mehta

About Parag Mehta


Parag is the Owner and Manager of Auscorp IT. He has over 25 years’ experience within the Office Automation industry with amassed experience in sales, technical and management roles. Parag is a Certified Netware Engineer, completed MCSE course, and holds a Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Parag has seen IT hardware evolve dramatically over time – from the 8 Character Display Electronic Typewriters and Word Processors of the 90s, to the smart PCs we use now; and he has seen printers become smaller, faster and multi-functional. As a result, Parag has an extensive knowledge base and understands the mechanical, technical and operational foundation of all modern IT innovation. He can move your business seamlessly into the new age because he understands the old one (and your old equipment!).